Where are Stink Bugs Hidden In a House?

Nobody likes stink bugs, and their name can be a suggestion of why that is. They have a knack for infestation and spreading a bad odor in the house. However, no matter how much you try, they do not seem to go away. They keep hiding in the nooks and crannies of your home. Since they are tiny, they continue to invade homes, gardens, and fields. 

Once they get into your Washington home, it becomes impossible to kick them out. They spend their time hiding in the walls, attics, and basements. Sometimes, stink bugs are also near doors and windows. To learn about their hiding places and remove them from your property, get quality pest control in Centralia and get help from a professional pest control agency!

Where do they hide in your house?

When stink bugs first get inside, they live around in your living room, but you can also find them in the walls, attics, and basements. Even though they love to be in tree barks, they will not leave a chance to get into your house. 

Food is the main advantage they are looking for, especially during the winter when it is scarce. When winter arrives, they will go into hiding even more and come out less often. It is during spring that they start coming out more. 

That being said, old houses are more susceptible to stink bugs as they have a higher number of cracks and gaps. Hence, Inspect your house thoroughly and seal any entry point that can allow pests to enter the house. This will help you deal with the existing pests inside the house without worrying.

How to prevent stink bug infestations?

Here are some steps to prevent stink bug infestations on your property:

  • Seal all entry points as much as possible.
  • Put vent barriers in crawl spaces.
  • Seal the gaps under the doors.
  • Remove window air conditioners. 
  • Get professional pest control regularly. 

Understand the lifecycle of a stink bug.

There are three main stages in a stink bug’s lifecycle: egg, nymph, and adult. This is called a hemimetabolous lifecycle, which is like a half-change as they do not undergo a complete transformation like a butterfly. They are born as caterpillars and, later on, create a cocoon around them. Later, they come out as adults that bear little similarities with the larvae. 

Depending on the stink bug type, they go through different growth stages. For instance, green stink bugs become adults in about 30 to 45 days. On the other hand, brown marmorated stink bugs take 40 to 60 days. Other types include harlequin bugs, southern green stink bugs, spined soldier bugs, two-spotted stink bugs, and rice stink bugs.

Stink bugs are not that much trouble for homeowners. But you still do not want them in your house. Not only are they annoying to look at, their bad smell can irritate you. Get professional pest control to remove stink bugs today. 

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