Home Inspections in Montecito: Protecting What You Own and Avoiding Surprises

There are a plethora of steps in the home buying process, but few are as helpful as a home inspection. You might believe you know everything there is to know about Montecito homes for sale by the time you submit an offer. However, you might uncover some potential concerns upon doing a professional home inspection. So, continue reading to learn more about professional home inspections, and what your checklist should include.

What Is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is where a certified inspector looks for flaws and potential issues in homes for sale in Montecito. As with an appraisal, which is meant to protect mortgage lenders, this home inspection is for the benefit of the home buyer.

The home inspector is qualified to evaluate the state of the house. In most cases, it is unnecessary. However, it makes sense unless you are a skilled contractor who can identify flaws yourself.

Your home purchase agreement should also contain a home inspection contingency. This allows you to negotiate if the inspector finds huge maintenance or repairs you must pay for.

Your home inspector will not give the property a fail or pass. That is your duty as the home buyer. You may decide to purchase a crumbling house. Alternatively, you can renegotiate the price with the seller.

What Should You Check During a Home Inspection?

Having your home inspection checklist will make it easier to partner with your inspector. You may identify issues that need to be addressed.

Outside the Home

Roof: All roofs require maintenance, so you should know how soon it might become a huge expense. Inquire how old the roof is, and about any discoloration or damage, you notice. Also, check the neighbouring trees. Branches and leaves can damage property and provide rodents with easy access.

Water: Water can damage the foundation, cause mold, and rot wood. Find out if anything might cause rainwater to flow under or onto the house. The gutters should be clean to easily direct water away from the house.

Foundation: Foundation issues may prove costly. Watch for huge cracks in the walls, ground, and raised foundation. Likewise, look into any trees growing near the home, as roots can cause damage you cannot easily notice.

Inside the Home

Water: Water can stain walls, floors, and ceilings, indicating a pipe or roof leak. Similarly, check for water stains or leaks inside sinks, the basement, and the attic.

Appliances: Ensure the air conditioner and heater are in good working condition. Also, find out if the home’s plumbing fixtures work properly.

Aging: Old homes are great, but if you purchase one, you may have to upgrade some elements. If a wood floor is already refinished, it might not be practical to repeat. Cast iron and clay pipes wear out. Old wiring can be a fire risk, old windows do not conserve heat, and so on.

Work With Randy Solakian To Invest In Montecito Real Estate

When buying Montecito homes for sale, you want to avoid surprises. Unforeseen repairs can result in unexpected costs, which could easily suppress the joy of your new home. To guide you through the home inspection and other stages of your home buying process, contact Randy Solakian today.