Reasons To Get a Hand Shower

Everyone has a soft spot for flexibility. And that’s precisely what you get from the best hand shower. From adaptability to simplicity, there is everything one can expect from this bathroom accessory. 

The best handshowers models offer a touch of refinement to your bathroom fixtures and are utilitarian for daily showers. If you still have second thoughts or doubts about purchasing a hand shower, this article is for you. 

Read till the end to learn all the possible reasons why getting a hand shower will be a worthwhile decision. 

#1 They Make Showering Much Easier & Relaxing!

When using a stationary shower, moving around is required to clean every part of your body thoroughly. When using a hand shower to rinse, all you have to do is move the shower head to the desired location. 

This may make taking a shower easier. You won’t need to squirm or twist in the shower to get where you need to go. To get cleaned more quickly, simply aim your shower head in the right direction.

#2 They Are Kid-Friendly! 

Kids face trouble using and controlling a fixed showerhead. That’s because they’re usually set at a distance suitable for adults. 

With a hand shower, you can easily rinse your kid’s hair. Lowering the hand shower onto a slide rail to the ideal height for your kid will eliminate the chances of soap or water getting in their eyes. 

#3 They Are Highly Suitable For The Disabled & Elderly!

Although hand showers have advantages for people of all ages, someone with limited maneuverability can gain the most out of this bathroom technology. 

In contrast to fixed showers—which cannot be lowered or lifted, most hand shower models have hoses at least 0.9 meters or (3 feet) long. They can be as long as up to 6 feet. These smart showers 

These showerheads are a practical choice for persons who leverage a shower seat to accommodate physical restrictions like arthritis or injury, thanks to the lengthy hose they have. 

Hand showers can benefit folks in maintaining their mobility and taking a shower independently by enabling them to cleanse efficiently while seated.

#4 Gives You a Spa-Like Thrill & Experience!

The spa shouldn’t be the only place to experience luxury, elegance, and comfort. Hand showers can make a difference in turning your bathroom into your own little retreat. 

These fixtures provide a level of luxury that can elevate bathing above the simple act of washing one’s hands. They are simple to retrofit to preexisting shower arms and plumbing.

#5 Aids In Water Conversation

A hand shower enables you to conserve water. You will use less water in total and save more on your energy and water bills if you switch to the best hand shower kits available since they’re more effective than standard shower kits.

#6 They Are Pet-Friendly!

Hand showers have uses beyond just humans. This equipment makes it simpler as well as easier to clean up after pets. 

Pet owners may direct the water spray on their pet (say dog) in whatever area they choose, without worrying about it getting in their dog’s eyes or face, thanks to the flexible shower head. Also, cleaning a dog with a hand shower might be more beneficial and effective due to the concentrated spray.

We care deeply for our pets since they are vital to our family. It’s a terrific opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your pet as you brush and comb your four-legged buddy to bathe at home with a dog hand shower.

Conclusion: Get The Best Hand Showers With Kohler 

With this guide, you may be confident that buying a hand shower is worthwhile. 

If you’re looking forward to upgrading your bathroom with the most effective hand shower, you should go for the ones from Kohler. 

Kohler brings you a range of high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly hand showers that will reduce water usage without compromising functionality. 

You can personalize your showering experience to fit your needs thanks to the three various spray settings that are included. It also has a 1-year warranty and is simple to install. 

So, get yourself and/or your family the best hand shower from Kohler!