Reasons a Travertine Pool Deck Is a Good Idea For Your Next Remodel

You can’t just jump in the pool whenever you like. Remodeling your pool can also be stressful if it’s necessary. Travertine is a great option for your pool and spa remodeling.

Travertine, a form of natural limestone, has been in use for centuries. This versatile and durable material is ideal for both indoor and outdoor paving. When you use this material for your pool deck, it elevates the outdoor area.

This is a Versatile and Beautiful Option

Did you know travertine is used in the Roman Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain? Natural stone has been used for centuries. This is a timeless choice for any home.

Travertine adds a sophisticated look to the pool deck without overwhelming it. The stone has a natural pattern with veins, making it a great choice for an outdoor area.

Functionality: It Handles Temperature Very Well

You’ve probably burned your feet on your patio during summer. Travertine will not cause this problem.

Travertine is perfect for outdoor use because it can withstand extreme temperature changes. This stone is porous and has excellent thermal insulation properties. It absorbs and reflects cool temperatures, regulating its temperature so that you do not burn your feet while walking on it.

This Stone is Slip-Resistant

The material used for your pool deck must be slip-resistant, even when wet. The non-slip surface of brushed travertine makes it a great choice for pool decks. It is not only comfortable but also sturdy enough to prevent slippery steps.

Travertine absorbs moisture and prevents puddles on decks, avoiding flooding during rainy days. Its stone surface is also safe for children to play in the pool area.

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