Myths About Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is a process that’s often misunderstood. Commercial Roof Services FL, a professional and expert on roof cleaning service, debunks some of the most common myths surrounding roof cleaning.

MYTH #1: Dirt and pollutants are the cause of stains

Moss and algae, however, are the most common culprits. The faster they multiply, the more moisture there is on the roof. When it rains, the algae will form streaks on your roof that are unsightly.

MYTH 2 – Moss and Algae are only cosmetic issues

Moss and algae can be harmful. In addition to reproducing rapidly, they also consume the calcium found in asphalt shingles. The shingles will become brittle and prematurely degrade because of this.

MYTH 3 Roofs with algae and moss need to be replaced

You don’t have to replace your roof if you want to remove ugly streaks. It only takes one day for a professional to clean your roof. Beware of roofers who are using this tactic in order to sell a new roof.

Myth 4: Anyone can clean their own roof

Roof cleaning by yourself is not a good idea. To remove moss or algae permanently, you need to use chemicals. These must be applied with specialized tools and protective gear. Climbing onto your roof can be dangerous if you do not have the right training and equipment.

MYTH 5: Chemicals Can Damage Your Landscape

When handled by professionals, the chemicals used to remove moss and algae won’t damage your home or landscape. Commercial Roof Services FL has the right tools and equipment for removing moss or algae from your landscape.

MYTH 6 You can use a power washer to clean your roof

Power washers work great to remove old paint, and clean concrete and brick surfaces. We don’t suggest using a power wash on your roof as it can remove the asphalt shingles granules. You would strip your roof of its protective layer, instead of protecting it.

This post was written by professionals at Commercial Roof Services. Commercial Roof Services FL takes immense pride in being a leading commercial and industrial roofing company dedicated to providing top-tier roofing solutions for businesses and industries of all sizes. With a proven track record and a team of highly skilled professionals, CRS has become a go-to choice for clients seeking unmatched roofing services.