5 Different Ways To Fix Squeaky Stairs

When it comes to stair repair, it can be a little tricky to pinpoint precisely where the problem is coming from. It holds for squeaky stairs as well. So if your steps are just a tad too ratchet, here’s a list of five different ways to fix them:

  1. Get Rid Of It

If you have a mild case of creaking or squeaking stairs, you can always do it old-fashioned and tear out or replace the affected stair. If you’ve got carpeting on your stairs, this is likely as simple as ripping up each step, putting down some wood glue, and replacing them with a new set.

  1. Add A Pad

If ripping out your stairs isn’t on the table for whatever reason, you can always try adding a pad to the stairs to quiet them. There is a wide variety of these available at your local hardware store, or you can even make your own out of plywood or foam until you come across the right fit for your stairwell.

There are also commercially-available products like “stair pads,” which are specially made to be added onto wooden stairs for a soft, padded feel. If you’re interested in this option, it’s essential to make sure the pad is wide enough to cover even any extra space that your carpeting or flooring might take up.

  1. Lower The Pitch

Due to the angle of stairs, squeaking usually has something to do with the movement of the stair itself. It means that if you can make the angle of your steps less steep, you might be able to reduce how often they creak or squeak.

Try putting down some carpeting on your stairs and see if this helps fix the problem. Try using a hand plane to flatten each step if it doesn’t work slightly. For best results, try to take off an even amount of wood from around the entire stair – if you only take away material from one side, the other steps will likely start to squeak as well.

  1. Add A Threshold

Over time, stairs will begin to shift and move until they’re no longer even with the rest of the floor. It can cause creaking problems since there’s now extra pressure being put on some parts of the steps than others.

One solution to this is to add a threshold onto your stairs. A threshold is just an adhesive strip that goes across the top of each step, so they all remain level and even with one another.

  1. Add A Ball Bearing Hinge

If you’re able to identify precisely where the creaking and squeaking is coming from, some specially made components can be installed onto your staircase to keep them nice and quiet.  

One solution is a ball bearing hinge, which is placed under the hinge of the stair. If you’re not sure which hinge this would be, look to see where your door closes from – this will usually indicate where the leading edge hinges are located on your stairs as well.


No matter what type of squeaky stairs you might have, there’s always a way to fix them and make things nice and quiet once again. These methods aren’t guaranteed to work for every squeaky step, but they’re worth a shot if you’ve got some extra time.