With the pandemic still, ongoing people have designated places in their homes which they use for online or remote work, it might not be a new thing to say that comfortable places bloom productivity and happiness in an individual, for a person away from home working in an office such a spot might come off as more of a boon than the employer might think of. Just creating a relaxing atmosphere in a room or workplace may be highly beneficial for your employees and the profit gain. To have a relaxation spot may mean there is something with a home-like feeling that connects you to a happy memory; it can be an art piece, some greenery, coffee, or a couch/sofa.

In this era, employers are insisting on creating a homely environment at their place to attract more experienced and long-term employees. The merits and demerits to this proposition will be discussed in another blog of ours. One of the major things to be adapted to the other side is a sofa.

In our workplaces from the start, workplace discipline and professionalism have always been linked to suits and chairs, which in my opinion is highly uncomfortable. To change this perception, we intend to introduce the sofas outside of the waiting areas into the office itself; you will surely see the natural reaction of your clients and more positive employee behavior.

Down below we will talk about some of the available models that are high in demand for a customized official setting. Oversized sofas may be a good option in matters of space and design.

  • Match Sofa: a modular sofa that can be easily customized according to your needs, with a filling of cold foam that guarantees comfort and support. It can be upscale for a bigger workplace and downsized as well based on demand.
  • Cloud Sofa: another type of modular sofa, has a combination of cold foam which provides volume and plush feathers which gives a light bounce making you feel on cloud 9. This is ideal for informal meetings or group discussions.
  • Absent Sofa: this sofa is designed with the needs of an overworked human mind in need, with a semi-reclined back it gives you support but also keeps you refreshed and active. It is ideal for spaces where new ideas are to be borne, in an in-office hospital setting or just for a robust group of employees.
  • Recover Sofa: this type of sofa is brought together by joining different blocks of the same piece. You can get different settings into this; you can get armrests to backrest and wooden bracket to hold it all together or you can opt for a backless one. This can be easily changed according to your office needs.
  • Cosmic Sofa: ideal for areas with a high footfall or workplaces that are conjoined together. The wide seats, depth, and sustainability makes you feel like home, can be taken apart and joined back as well.
  • Alphabet Sofa: just like Lego this sofa can be stacked together or brought down as you wish to accommodate people; with a splash of color this also adds fun to your work.