What You Need To Know Before Moving To North Naples, FL

Many people are relocating to North Naples, FL, for various reasons. Some move here to enjoy Florida’s warm weather and the myriad outdoor water activities available when living on waterfront property. Others relocate for the lavish lifestyle offered by a city home to one of the most wealthy in the United States, whereas others move for the educational and job prospects available in Naples and the surrounding areas. Moving to North Naples sounds very exciting, but before you make the big move, here are some things you should know about the area and living in the city.

  1. The Naples Community Has Much To Offer

Households moving to North Naples are quite diverse. Some include single individuals, families with young kids, couples, and retirees. Naples is also considered the city with the most millionaires, so it is unsurprising to see popular figures, celebrities, and notable persons in various industries around the city.

Besides its people, the city’s culture is typically idyllic and laid-back. Naples’s vibe highlights resort-style living. So, whether you work in North Naples or a neighboring city in Florida, you will always feel like you are coming home to a haven, where you can relax and unwind.

  1. Naples Draws Tourists All-Year Round

There is plenty to experience in North Naples throughout the year. But with its upscale shopping spots, white-sand beaches, high-end dining areas, and other prominent attractions, it is unsurprising that many tourists love to visit the city.

The city is more populated during winter and summer months. If you plan to purchase a residential home to live in, tourist seasons might not bother you. However, if you want to seize opportunities, purchasing additional homes for sale in North Naples to offer accommodations for tourists can also be a great alternative.

  1. The City’s Job Market is Thriving

North Naples has more to offer than its tourist spots and beaches. The city has grown significantly thanks to the continuous development of real estate. North Naples is also home to various industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and more, that make it a strong economy. Residents can find work in various industries, from corporations established in the city and the adjacent communities.

  1. You Do Not Have to Be a Millionaire to Move In Naples

While North Naples is renowned for its gated communities and wealthy population, you do not have to be wealthy to reside in the city. Numerous neighborhoods provide homes around the mid-range, so you are not limited to luxury homes. Bear in mind, though, that numerous communities in the city have a homeowner’s association. Therefore, consider the HOA charges as an added cost of living once you choose to move here.

  1. Naples’ Vibrant Arts and Culture

While restrictions might apply given the current pandemic, North Naples is a community with plenty of yearly celebrations. Residents can find their niche of activities and festivals that align with their tastes and interests.

You can sample local craft brews during the Naples Craft Beer Festival, attend the National Arts Festival to check out different artworks, or spend the day at museums that display pieces on history, nature, and more.

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