Ways Of Displaying Liquor Bottles 

Aesthetics plays a crucial role in liquor bottle displays and bar business management. Combining liquor display and promotion ideas can enhance the quality of drinks. Techniques include showcasing house wines, prominently displaying top-shelf spirits, and arranging bottles in height-based arrangements for emphasis. Choosing the right spirits and beverages for your bar is crucial for success. Add extras and garnishes for an appealing display, or opt for a simple setup. Displaying spirits is equally essential as obtaining a license for bars and restaurants. As you look into displaying your liquor, you need to ensure you have the right liquor display shelves that will match your aesthetics and shelves that will go hand in hand with your displaying idea. In this piece, we will teach you ways of displaying liquor so that they can be more appealing to your customers. 

The best ways you can display liquor include the following ;

  • Using bookcases 

Bookcases can serve as a versatile storage solution, allowing for the display of spirits and glasses and providing a visually appealing transition from books to booze. Combining books on display with shelves of spirits can enhance any display, making it more elegant and beautiful.

  • Transportable bar cart 

The portable bar cart is a versatile solution for small spaces, versatile enough to be customized with paint and able to relocate your display from one room to another.

  • Use of old stuff 

Create a fantastic spirits display using vintage items and antique buffets, showcasing numerous bottles and adding mirrored trays for sparkle. Old wooden sewing tables, disused pianos, and antiques can be transformed into conversation pieces, bars, and displays, while flea markets offer creative ways to incorporate antiques into your home decor.

  • Build a shelving unit for bottled liquor 

Building a complete shelving unit behind the bar can effectively use an entire wall to store and display spirits bottles. The width of the wood and space available behind the bar determines its protrusion. This unit can also hold goblets, cocktail manuals, and bar memorabilia. Design shelves tall enough to accommodate booze bottles, considering height differences. Consider wood and finish preferences, as not everyone needs scaffold boards. Ensure sturdy wood supports multiple bottles of booze.

  • Use of a stepped liquor bottle display shelf 

Display cases for spirits bottles are attractive, available in various materials and sizes, and some feature lighting to highlight the bottles—these range from simple, clear plastic tier shelves to intricate corner units. The tiered unit transforms into a professional bar display with colourful shelves, displaying spirits bottles as they belong in a professional setting while ensuring easy access.


If you own a bar or have a bar at home, how you display your liquor is significant. In case you don’t have an idea of what to do, this piece helps you know how you can display your liquor to appease your customers and your guests. Make sure you hire a qualified contractor to design the best shelves. You could also source ideas from other bar owners and homeowners with bars in their homes.