Melamine kitchen cabinets: Should you get them installed at your home?

If countertops are the heart of a kitchen, cabinets are the soul. No matter how beautiful your countertop is, if there’s no Cabinetry, your kitchen will still be a mess. 

In order to optimize and bring out the real beauty of a kitchen, you need to pick the best cabinets. 

Out of the many options, it’s melamine kitchen cabinets that we’ll be covering in this article. 

If you’ve been wondering whether or not melamine Cabinets would be a worthy addition to your house, read this guide and you’ll have all the answers!

3 classic advantages of melamine Cabinets that nobody tells you 

Wherever you go, it’s wood and solid wood cabinets that are talked about. No doubt, wooden cabinets are beyond beautiful, but they’re beyond affordable too – yes, wooden cabinets can be really expensive. 

If wood has been your thing but you can’t afford it, melamine is the next best thing. Find out why in the sections to follow.

#1. Melamine cabinets are affordable 

Melamine is a synthetic material that’s made using glue, wood, and paper. Yes, you read it just fine – even PAPER

Naturally, they’re a lot cheaper than real wood cabinets. And, let’s not forget, since melamine is an engineered material, it can replicate the look of wood better than real wood itself.

#2. Melamine cabinets offer a staggering variety 

One of the best things about man-made materials is that there’s an abundance of textures and colors. 

Melamine cabinets are available in brilliant hues that resemble real wood. And the best thing is that melamine covers the one flaw of wood: it doesn’t have an uneven grainy texture like wood! The surface of melamine is perfectly smooth.  

#3. Melamine cabinets are long-lasting

The outer surface of melamine cabinets is uniformly coated so that it can withstand the test of time in the following ways:

  1. Melamine cabinets resist heat.
  2. They’re moisture-resistant too.  
  3. The surface of melamine does not catch stains.  

With a good bit of care and attention, you can really make melamine cabinets last for years. 

Summing Up:

Installing melamine cabinets is a little tougher than cabinets made of lacquer or similaques, but it’s worth every bit of trouble. 

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