Common garage door repair and service issues and solutions

Garage doors are some of the most commonly used doors in any home. We rely on them daily to protect our vehicles, store items, and allow easy access into the garage. Given how often we use our garage doors, it’s no surprise they need repair or service. 

  • Difficulty opening or closing – Doors that stick, jam, or are difficult to open or close need adjustment and lubrication. Worn or loose hinges, tracks, rollers, and cables are often the culprit.
  • Noisy operation – Squeaking, grinding, or other loud noises indicate worn-out parts that need replacement. Common sources are metal rollers and hinges in need of lubrication. 
  • Remote control problems – If the remote control only works sometimes or not at all, the sensors likely need realignment or batteries need replacement. Connectivity issues with the motor could also be the cause.
  • Not closing all the way – If sensors are dirty or misaligned, doors won’t close fully. Cables, tracks, and springs may also need repair if the door isn’t closing completely.
  • Not opening all the way – Bent or broken tracks can prevent the door from fully opening. Damaged or worn springs also restrict lift and indicate a needed repair.

Common solutions and repair tips

Many garage door problems can be fixed with simple solutions or repairs. 

  1. Lubricate moving parts – Apply lubricant spray or oil to rollers, hinges, pulleys, and bearings. It improves operation and extends the lifespan.
  2. Inspect tracks – Check tracks for dirt, damage, and alignment. Clean and straighten bent tracks for smooth running.
  3. Adjust sensors – Sensors may need cleaned or batteries replaced. Align the sensors and make sure they are not obstructed.
  4. Check cables and springs – Frayed cables and broken springs need replacement. Tension may also need to change on extension springs.
  5. Replace weatherstripping – Replace worn sealing around the door to keep the elements out and improve insulation. 
  6. Update remote – If the remote only works nearby, replace the battery. Interference also causes issues, so update to a new remote system.
  7. Hire a professional – Some repairs require expertise and special equipment. A professional can diagnose the source and make needed repairs.

Regular service for prevention

Along with effectively addressing issues as they arise, regular garage door service and maintenance help prevent many problems. Technicians inspect all hardware, operation, and safety features to spot potential trouble areas. It is suggested that safety sensors, opener functionality, and force settings undergo testing annually. Applying lubricant to moving metal parts reduces noise and wear. Nuts, bolts, and fasteners can loosen over time, and should reinstall them. Extension spring tension and torsion spring cycles should be checked and adjusted. Cleaning tracks, sensors, and weatherstripping improve operation. With proper garage doors installation services in hamilton will have longer lifetimes and operate reliably for years ahead.