Bold Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for the New Year

If plain old kitchen interiors are not inspiring the chef in you, it may be time for some kitchen remodeling. You can ring in the new year with some fresh kitchen decor when you partner with a reliable contractor offering kitchen remodeling services in Dallas, TX. Even if you do not wish to renovate the entire kitchen in one go, you can try revamping some elements. You’d be surprised how little changes can completely transform your kitchen. In this blog, we present top bold kitchen remodeling ideas to try this coming New Year.

Set up Unique Shelving Systems 

Cabinets take up a lot of space and the overall kitchen décor is guided by the choice of cabinetry design. To liven up the kitchen without compromising on storage functionality, uncommon shelving systems are the way to go. Experiment with a combination of modular cabinetry with open shelves and hanging storage, or incorporate an open pantry.

Add a Kitchen Island 

This one is the ultimate kitchen decor hack, especially for those who love to cook and entertain. Kitchen islands open up kitchen spaces significantly while simultaneously adding a sense of functionality. Work with proven kitchen remodeling contractors in Dallas to check the feasibility of installing a kitchen island, and whether a sink and additional shelving can be incorporated is an option as well.

Install Matte Black Fixtures

One of the hottest kitchen décor trends that you can incorporate in your kitchen is matte black fixtures. An excellent way to subtly introduce bold changes in the kitchen is, matte black faucets, sink, lighting, and cabinet knobs make a sleek but bold statement. Matte black fixtures are much more eye-catching than conventional stainless steel and gold finish hardware and can be used to create focal points or contrast in the kitchen.

Try out Tile Backsplash 

Visually appealing tile backsplash is another great idea to upgrade your food prep area or kitchen countertops. Not only does it add to the kitchen’s aesthetics, but low-maintenance tile backsplash is ideal for kitchen spaces that are usually subject to grime, moisture and food splatters. Depending on your style, you can experiment with exquisite designs and let your creativity run free with custom tiles. You can also consult your kitchen contractor to determine if there are other alternatives if this option doesn’t fit your style.

Install Granite Countertops 

Granite countertops are a no-brainer for affordable yet stylish kitchen countertops. Granite is a scratch, stain, and heat-resistant material, which makes it perfect for kitchen countertops. It is very important to get the best granite installers in Dallas for perfect countertop installation. Granite is a porous material, and if not sealed correctly during installation, it can cause problems such as chipping and staining later on.

Ready to Remodel?

There are some of the top kitchen remodeling ideas you should consider when hiring a Dallas remodeling contractor. Partner with the best kitchen remodeling or construction company in Dallas known for superior quality home renovation work. Browse the web for kitchen remodeling contractors and get in touch to discuss your requirements.