7 Ways To Bring Luxury Into The Home (On A Budget)

Luxuries are often associated with the most expensive and extravagant assets, those that make homes seem wholly unobtainable. Swimming pools, for example, have long been a part of the highest echelon of property value, as well as other space costly assets like snooker tables and home cinemas.

However, the concept of a luxury is more flexible and, as the years pass by, many examples of what was once thought of as a difficult to obtain asset are now more commonplace, being more affordable. So, if you’re looking to bring a new dimension of decadence into your home, designs that will not only make your life easier but also more enjoyable, then you may be surprised by the following seven ways to bring luxury into your home on a budget!

Wireless Charging

Charging cables, especially once they become aged and frayed, are an eye-sore. And, while wireless charging is an excellent, more discreet alternative, there is a way to make this addition to a home even more discreet.

High-quality wireless chargers can be placed beneath certain surfaces, such as desks or bedside tables, meaning that a resident needs only to place their phone on a surface to replenish its battery.

Therapeutic Showerhead

One shouldn’t settle for a low-quality showerhead, especially if it has poor pressure. There are, thankfully, a number of fantastic therapeutic and pulsating showerheads available that can easily replace and improve your bathroom design.

Summer House

If you have the garden space, then you can make the most of it with a summer house. These are becoming more frequently spotted in neighbourhoods because of their stunning presence, great value, and superb utility. Many are also using them as affordable private offices for their remote working positions.

Temperature-Controlled Kettle

An aspect of luxury is taste. Knowing, for example, that teas should seldom be brewed with 100-degree water is a way to demonstrate expertise and good taste. Investing in a temperature-controlled kettle, one that allows you to brew water to 70 or 80 degrees, will not only impress friends but will help you to enjoy a variety of teas more thoroughly.


It may seem counterintuitive but storage, especially discreetly and minimally designed storage solutions, is an excellent way to bring luxury into a home. This is because the presence of space and the absence of clutter are emblems of decadence and quality.

Glass Bottle Milk

There is a revival taking place and milk delivery services are returning. Perhaps prompted by our exposed recycling bins and the embarrassment of plastic milk bottles, residents are returning to glass bottles. Find a local dairy farm in your area and have your milk delivered fresh in sustainable bottles. You’ll soon find your neighbours wanting to do the same!

Long Curtains

High ceilings are associated with prestigious properties and this is because, as with storage solutions, space is often synonymous with value. A great way to give the impression of a tall room, one with high ceilings, is to raise your curtains, place the rail closer to the ceiling and install longer curtains to cover your windows.