Why People Prefer Polished Concrete Flooring

Flooring plays the most important role in all residential, commercial, and warehouses spaces. This is the reason you must be quite selective when choosing the right flooring for your spaces. You all know flooring is something that cannot be changed easily or quite often. Therefore, nowadays, most homes are designed using polished concrete in Melbourne, because the technology of damp proofing allows you for creating a dry floor without much air gap. 

People have also discovered that concrete floors offer several amazing benefits. Polished concrete flooring is an excellent thermal conductor, so even a radiant floor heating system could keep the floor warm for your bare feet as well.

Here are some other reasons for choosing polished concrete floors:

  • Durable

Polished concrete floors’ durability is best suited for warehousing and manufacturing facilities. It is solid and therefore can easily withstand heavy foot traffic and heavy equipment in warehouses as well. Polished concrete flooring is too tough to scratch, chip, or otherwise get damaged. Sealed polished concrete flooring is even resistant to harsh chemicals like acids and alkalis which can cause corrosion.

  • Low-maintenance

The best advantage of installing polished concrete floors is that they are pretty easy to maintain. There is no need to periodically strip the flooring and apply several types of coatings or wax for maintaining its sheen. They are much easier to clean, as they don’t hold onto dust or dirt like several other floors do and just need occasional mopping.

  • Environmentally-friendly

As Ultra Grind polished concrete floors in Melbourne never involve the usage of hazardous cleaners, adhesives, or chemical coatings in their upkeep or installation, they are an eco-friendly option. Polished concrete floors are even energy-efficient, which further adds to their great reputation as a “green” flooring selection.

  • Affordable

Apart from polished concrete floors’ high-end appearance, the actual reality is that it is more affordable as compared to several other flooring solutions. The initial cost per square foot is the same as other inexpensive solutions like carpet etc., but if you go to see the entire life cycle price is less than other well-known kinds of flooring. It is specifically affordable when you have a concrete slab already and you just need to get it polished professionally.

  • Customizable

You might be having a particular picture of how polished concrete flooring looks, but there are endless if it comes to the final appearance of polished concrete floors. You have the option to choose different levels of shine, and that too from several patterns, colors, and aggregates. If you buy from the most reputable brand like Ultra Grind, you can also personalize your floor with decorative graphics or engraving.

So, next time if you are looking for flooring, choose polished concrete floors as they are versatile enough in a wide variety of settings.

If you are interested in having high-quality polished concrete in Melbourne installed, or want to turn your current dull-looking concrete flooring into a thing of beauty, call on the experts at Ultra Grind today. They offer a wide range of professional polished concrete finishing services to suit your unique requirement.