Polished Concrete: Some things that you might want to know

We often tend to get baffled regarding our choice of the flooring type of our buildings. The building can be any office area, residential space, or other areas. But, deciding upon which flooring type to use can get tricky if you don’t do proper research. 

So, this article will help you navigate through the selection procedure. The article will answer some of the most crucial questions while thinking about polished flooring. 

Design options of concrete flooring

If you choose polished concrete as your flooring material, then a vast network of designing materials opens up in front of you. It includes colors, creating patterns like borders, bands, grids, radial lines, and scoring and coloring. 

You can also choose to be at the sheen level, upgrading from satin to a state where higher gloss is available. Thus, one can apply polished concrete to whichever space they wish to use due to this heterogeneity. 

If you are looking for any professional concrete polisher hire, then Ultragrind can be a perfect option for you. The Australia-based company gives the best possible solution to concrete polishing. 


One of the reasons many individuals or companies seem to prefer concrete polishing is its budget effectiveness. It doesn’t cost you much to cover a particular floor area; instead, it is much lesser when compared to other flooring materials. So, it can cost you from $3 to $12 to cover one square foot area. 

However, if you plan to use concrete polishing for residential areas, the cost might go up a little bit. In the case of commercial polishing, as the surface area is more, the demand is also more. As a result, automatically, the price ratio becomes a bit uneven between residential and commercial hubs. 

Are the floors slippery?

One might be in the illusion that concrete floors are slippery. One might have this illusion as they look very smooth, glossy, and reflective. However, they are the safest to walk on. Did you know polished marble is more slippery than polished concrete? So, that should never pull you back from buying it. 

You can keep these in mind if you want to make the floor slip-resistant 

Try to avoid grease or oil on the floor and do the maintenance regularly. You can also apply a kind of anti-slip conditioner. The special additives present in these products make surfaces safer. 

Applying a sealer coat can also make the surface safer to walk upon. You can apply the product beforehand to the sealer, and in this way, your surface will be traction-free. 

However, the easiest way to avoid slipping is to spread a carpet or rug over the surface. This will prevent slipping at all costs providing you the friction you will need while walking. 

Final Thoughts

So, if you plan to apply concrete floors for your office or residential places, then go for polished concrete to give the surface a better look.