Natural Ways To Get Rid of Lizards In Your Home

In many homes, lizards or geckos are quite common mates. These little reptiles are essential components of our environment. They control bug populations by consuming insects. Therefore, driving them away is better than killing them.

The majority of house lizards are harmless and lack venom. They are said to be safe by many sources and persons. But lizards are still disturbing, let us face it. You must take your attempts to get rid of them seriously. Contact a local pest control service to eliminate lizards from your home. 

Ways to get rid of lizards naturally at home

Nothing is more unpleasant than opening a cupboard to see lizards, which is disgusting. Not only are little geckos scary, but they are also unhygienic. Despite not being dangerous, they can contaminate your meals.

So, keeping a pest-free house is essential for maintaining hygiene. Do not hold back until you begin to be shocked by them around every corner of your home. Take preventative measures as soon as you can. To stop the problem, get some vital guidance on how to get rid of lizards.

Finding trustworthy, easy methods to eliminate these geckos can guarantee peace in your property. Here are a few proven techniques for eliminating common household reptiles.

  • Coffee powder 

It is difficult to get rid of house lizards in your home. The fact that coffee powder could scare them away from your house will surprise you. You read that correctly.

Lizards hate the strong fragrance of coffee powder, much like cockroaches do. You need to use your coffee powder to drive lizards out of your house without harming them. Place the powder in areas where lizards gather. They will flee your home due to the overwhelming odor.

  • Shallots or onions

Shallots and onions are excellent lizard repellents. Use shallots or onions as a natural repellent for insects that are also harmless to the environment. You may have these in your kitchen.

  • Garlic

Garlic works similarly to shallots or onions as a natural lizard repellent. In addition, it has a high concentration of sulfur compounds, which gives out a strong odor. All you have to do is chop or slice some garlic cloves, then sprinkle them in areas where lizards are known to gather. You may also mix water and garlic juice to spray where lizards frequently gather. Lizards will leave your home due to the strong garlic smell.

  • Eggshells

Consider considering throwing away the eggshells after preparing fluffy omelets. Eggshells make an effective lizard repellent. As a result, leave some eggshells lying around the home or in the kitchen. Lizards will leave your house because of unpleasant odors. Eggshells should be replaced every week since they may deteriorate.