Is Moving to Manhattan Beach Worth the Effort?

Although it might not have the same name recognition as its neighbors, Manhattan Beach real estate has seen a significant upsurge in value in recent years, and for a good reason. Located on the coast with 2 miles of lovely beach, homes for sale in the area are selling faster before they can even hit the market. With a great climate, plenty of fun things to do, and home prices continuing to outperform the national average, Manhattan Beach might be your ideal investment opportunity. Continue reading to discover why investing in Manhattan Beach real estate is a smart move.

Job Market is Thriving

The United States has seen a challenging job market in recent years, with national unemployment rates reaching as high as 14%. However, if you are interested in Manhattan Beach real estate, you do not have to worry as much. Compared to the national average, Manhattan Beach residents have not experienced significant job or employment issues.

California has made huge investments in employment and the well-being of its people, and it is paying off. For this reason, whether you are exploring this housing market for your primary residence, to rent, or to flip, unemployment should not be a factor!

The Housing Market is Not Cooling

For quite some time, the United States has been in a seller’s market, and homes for sale in Manhattan Beach houses are no exception. The area is experiencing growing median home prices. The current median listing price for homes is $2.5 million, and it is expected to rise further.

Investing in this housing market is wise because this inventory is unlikely to change. The seller’s market will probably continue for the next few years as more individuals look to buy homes there.

Lucrative Rental Property

One of the primary reasons individuals look for Manhattan Beach properties is to invest in a rental residence rather than find a primary home. A percentage of homes in the area are rental units, with median gross monthly rent averaging $2,500. This figure is also rising, which means that investing in Manhattan Beach homes can be a nice way to diversify your portfolio.

Besides offering you an extra income stream, renting out a Manhattan Beach property offers several tax benefits. You can secure a tax deduction on your mortgage interest and associated expenses.

You Get a Beachfront Vacation Home

Some investors seek Manhattan Beach real estate not for renting or residing in but for vacation homes. It is unsurprising, though, as the area has long been a popular vacation spot.

Located along the coast, Manhattan Beach has much to offer vacationers, ranging from pristine beaches to ocean views. The downtown area also offers modest shops, boutiques, beach views, and superb local coffee roasters, art galleries, and restaurants.

Manhattan Beach has Much to Offer Long-Term Residents

Perhaps you do not want to be a landlord or own a holiday property. Rather, you are exploring Manhattan Beach real estate to build your own house, raise a family, or retire to. Manhattan Beach has much to offer long-term residents.

The proximity to the Pacific Ocean also means residents enjoy a pleasant climate all year. Manhattan also boasts a great school district, and key amenities are within the town, including fine dining, entertainment, and shopping.

Ready to Invest in Manhattan Beach Real Estate?

Are you considering buying a home in Manhattan Beach? Whether you are planning for your family’s future or want to grow your portfolio, there has never been a better moment to make investments in the area. Contact Boyd E. Jeffery to get you started on your real estate investment journey. There are Manhattan Beach homes for sale waiting for you to check out today!