Are there puddles on your basement floor after rain? If yes, then this is a sign of a basement leak. Water seeping into the basement can be highly stressful and this can also cause water damage which if left untreated can cause foundational damage. So it is crucial that the leak is fixed before it becomes too expensive. The very first step to fixing the problem is finding the source of the leak and then fixing it. However, it is always the best idea to carry out Basement waterproofing Scarborough to prevent your basement from getting wet. Here are some of the ways you can deal with a leaking gutter.

Clearing out the gutters

Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow when it is raining heavily. This rainwater then starts to collect in pools around the foundation of the home and eventually find a way into the basement. Ensure that the gutters are free from all debris and leaves. You can also install a leaf guard which can help to prevent leaves and dirt from collecting into the gutter. Extending the downspout to direct the water away from your property can also help to protect your basement from water leaks.

Investing in Interior Waterproofing System

One of the most effective ways to protecting your basement and keeping it dry is by having an interior drainage system. This will help to minimize hydrostatic pressure. The drain tile which is usually installed in the area where the floor meets the wall makes use of a sump pump to drain out the water. The tile can get hold of the water before it enters the basement. The drain tile also collects the water which might seep into through the foundation walls. This water which is then sent to the sump pump is directed away from the property. The sump pump works as the first line of defence especially when the groundwater increases or there is heavy rain. It works by removing water from underneath your home and the foundation. Direct waterproofing is also a viable solution that you can opt for.

Improve the grading

It is crucial to know that the grading has a significant role to play when it comes to water entering your basement or not. There are two types of grading. First, positive grading in which the slopes are away from the home. This helps by directing the water away from the property. Second, negative grading slope in which the slope is towards the house. This slope directs the water towards the foundation and window wells. If the grading is negative then water can comfortably enter your basement. The grading of the house can be improved by pitching the nearby soil away from the home.

Reach out to the experts

These are just some of the ways to fix a leaky basement. However, when water entering your basement it is always best to reach out to the expert. They will be able to ascertain the cause behind it and help to fix the problem at its source and protect your house from water damage.