Bathroom Vanities – The Boon You Always Hoped For

Would you ever step inside a cluttered hotel bathroom that’s clustered with the stench of moisture? We’re sure you wouldn’t. Then why do you do that at home? How do you think your guests feel when they use the same washroom when you have them over?

People judge, they always do – you’ll always be judged by the way you keep your place neat and tidy. Even if you forget about how others feel about your place, how do you feel about it? Nobody can feel good about a cluttered bathroom, not even you!

If your reasons to not get your bathroom renovated were that it’s going to be pricey or there’s going to be a lot of deconstruction to revamp the entire thing, you don’t have to worry about either of them anymore!

With the astonishingly admirable range of bathroom cabinets available today, you can have your place redone in the classiest ways without getting broke!

Wondering how bathroom cabinets can amp up your powder room? If yes, hold on and skim through the guide until the end.

#1 They’re Space Savers

The biggest challenge with most bathrooms is that they’re too small to incorporate bathroom vanities – says who?

Bathrooms come in all sizes and so do bathroom cabinets. If your bathroom is small, you’ll have the option to pick vanities that are 24 inches.

Similarly, there are options of 30 – 36 inches vanities and 42 inches vanities for average and medium bathrooms. For the luxurious bigger ones, you can buy anything between 48 and 60 inches.

Here’s the deal with bathroom vanities: Everything goes inside them. Whether it’s your linens, towels, bathroom slippers, or utilities, you store them inside the vanity.

Naturally, when nothing’s scattered on the floor and the corners aren’t occupied, you’ll have more space to walk around.

#2 They’re Meant to Turn Ordinary Bathrooms into Exquisite Ones

Bathroom vanities have so much variety that they will leave you pleasantly surprised and very happy. The classy Kitchen Wholesalers bathroom cabinets, for example, feature beautiful wooden detailing and carved borders. They look absolutely classy.

What’s even better is that most vanities are already supplied with a countertop and basin. You can choose what you’d like as a countertop material: marble, stone, granite, quartz, porcelain, etc etc etc! They have all of it.

All in all, having the right size and style of bathroom cabinets can transform even old bathrooms to look classy and bestow them with a charm of their own. All you’ve got to do is pick genuine sellers like Kitchen Wholesalers so that you’re supplied with the best quality.