Barndominium Benefits and Uses

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating your Barndominium floor plans. In addition to bedrooms and living rooms,  metal barndominiums can easily accommodate:

Covered parking for cars, tractors, boats, motorcycles and bicycles. Your vehicle is safely stored behind strong and reliable reinforced steel plates.

Build an art studio, metal workshop, home office, or recording studio.  Stay in shape at our conveniently located home gym.

Minimize clutter and organize your life with extra storage. You will be amazed at the relaxation you will feel in your immaculately clean home.

The design process of Barndominium

Alpha Structures specializes in custom metal buildings. Our structures come in nearly every size and dimension imaginable. find the best solution. Our barndominiums can be customized from base models such as steel houses, offices and warehouses. Models vary depending on the size of the property and your specific needs.

If you would like to work with an interior designer, Alpha Structures will provide a list of architects and interior designers within his eight hours from our location. If you would like to work with an interior designer, please forward that information so we can put you in touch with our engineers.

Customer is responsible for working with contractor to develop his 3D model of barndominiums. Decide how you will use the space. Work with engineers to ensure the structural integrity of your interior design before seeking approval.

Alpha Structures creates foundation plans for your barn dominium and provides these plans to engineers. The client is expected to work with other contractors on his Barndominium floor plans, but any quality metal fabrication firm will be happy to assist you through the design process. However, the final responsibility lies with the client as most contractors do not take responsibility for designs provided by third parties or engineers. This also applies to local permits and regulations.

Barndominium floor plan

Research and find examples of barndominiums with attractive floor plans.

Add even more space to your barn dominium with wraparound pouches. Enjoy dining outdoors or use the space below for storage.

Connect various parts of the barn dominium with walkways. It utilizes natural airflow to reduce summer temperatures and remains resilient in high winds.

Attract customers with your onsite shop. Establish a retail store, auto body shop, or coffee shop.

Avoid stairs in ranch-style homes or maximize space with a two-story barn. A loft allows you to separate your living and working areas.

An open-concept barn dominium makes a small space feel larger. Since there is no extra space, you can enjoy the space seamlessly connected with the high ceiling.

Add a greenhouse to your barn to grow food all year round and reduce food costs.

Get some fresh air on your outdoor patio or picnic area. Incorporate landscaping and an outdoor pool and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the dimensions and layout of your barn dominium, depending on your goals, needs and budget.