All that you should Learn About EPS Cement Sandwich Panel

What’s the EPS cement sandwich panel?

In terminology, they are structured and insulated panels which are utilized as construction materials. Essentially, as suggested by its name, EPS cement sandwich panels contain sandwich panels with three layers a little-density insulating core (cement, EPS Polystyrene foam) that’s sandwiched between two layers of structured board around the sides within the core. In normal cases, it’s comprise fibre cement or calcium silicate.

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The manufacturing process is began off by fusing styrene with isobutylene under callous. Polystyrene will probably be heated inside the core having a steam heating process and pressure treatments. Following this, the block pieces will probably be produced as mentioned through the dimensions along with the EPS cement panel is supplied in the marketplace.


The next may be mentioned because the highlights of the cement sandwich panel –

Energy savings because of low thermal conductivity.

The panels are weatherproof and want low maintenance.

Excellent strength, simple and easy , lightweight design.

Extended existence expectancy.

Shock absorbent



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Versatility – They might assist in regarding prefabricated houses along with other small houses faster and cheaper.

Energy-saving – The panels are fantastic in energy savings greater than ten percent, and they are atmosphere-friendly because there are no dangerous substances, no radiation, and they are multiple-use.

Stability – They offer more stability, existence expectancy, and strength in comparison with normal ones. An average EPS panel will have a normal existence expectancy of roughly half a century.

Fireproof -Because of the high resistivity, they are fireproof.

Termite proof – Unlike traditional plywood or gypsum, the EPS includes Polystyrene and cement, and thus cannot be degraded by termites.

More area – Because of its low thickness and weight, it saves a large space in comparison to traditional construction blocks.

Waterproof – Because of the structural characteristics, kinds of waterproof therefore making them helpful in outdoors furthermore to indoor construction.

Appear insulation – In addition they provide good appear insulation and absorption of noise almost 3 occasions from the of traditional blocks.

Simple installation – because of their shape and size, guide in faster and far simpler installation. Eg: – In which a traditional brick wall takes 6-seven days to accomplish, the EPS block walls can easily the task every day.

Heat resistant – The temperature resistant property within the materials ensure they are control heat furthermore that you follow the appropriate heat standards.

Lightweight and economic – Among the finest together with your EPS is its lightweight without compromising on strength. This can be frequently seen by its high strength to weight ratio. Really, this even could be helpful for that transportation within the blocks easily.

Wide uses – EPS cement sandwich wall panel can also be helpful for flooring and ceilings, plus roofs as being a C purlin roof design too.

A greater-class company may have experienced and skilled engineers with vast knowledge about production to make sure they produce products within the highest quality if needed using the client while meeting the various standards.