4 Important Things You Can Learn by Reading Online Nursery Reviews

You’ve decided to make some updates to the landscaping, and that means purchasing a few additions from a nursery. The plan is to manage your shopping online. In order to decide which nursery would be best for you, it makes sense to look closely at the ratings and comments that past customers have posted. Here are a few of the important things you can learn from those online nursery reviews that will help you decide where to buy those new additions. 

What Others Think About the Quality

While buying online is convenient and often cost-effective, you don’t see the actual purchases until they arrive at your door. At that point, you decide if they measure up to the descriptions or if something is lacking. 

Reading online reviews can provide insight into what others think about the quality of their purchases. If you see many reviews that confirm what was received matched the descriptions and the quality guarantees, the odds are high that your experience will be similar. If there seems to be a recurring concern about that quality, it might be a good idea to check out a different online retailer. 

How the Pricing Compares to Other Online Nurseries

You are likely to find that those reviews give an idea of what others think about the cost of their purchase. Some many mention that the pricing is competitive with or lower than what they paid elsewhere. When you see that many of the reviewers are happy with the pricing, that’s one more reason to buy with confidence.

Keep in mind that no online nursery is likely to be the lowest price on every item they sell. Do look for information that relates to the fruit trees or other items that you plan on buying. You may come across some that specifically mention similar items and find that the reviewer found the cost to be worth it. 

The Amount of Time It Takes to Receive Answers to Questions

The better online nurseries provide more than one way for customers to ask questions before they make purchases. Depending on the nursery, there may be a contact page on the nursery website, an online chat feature, or an email address that the customer can use. Whatever the means, most nurseries will respond quickly. 

As you read through the reviews, pay attention to any remarks about the level of communication other customers have enjoyed. Even if you have no plans to ask a question, it’s helpful to know that someone is ready to provide an answer in a timely manner. 

What Past Customers Think About the Shipping Options

Along with the quality, you want to find out what you can about how quickly orders are prepared and shipped. It’s not unusual for people who leave online nursery reviews to note when their orders ship on time or even faster than they were promised. This information tells you more about how customer-centric the online nursery staff happens to be.

Be mindful that unanticipated delays can happen to any online business, including nurseries. If you see a stray review that mentions an order was not shipped in the time frame promised, it’s likely an anomaly. Should you see repeated mentions of this type of event, you may want to think twice before placing an order. 

Take your time and check out the reviews posted on social media, review sites, and even mentions in message boards. What you learn could point the way to an outstanding online nursery while also allowing you to avoid doing business with one that’s less reputable.